WHY HAS THE EXECUTIVE COACHING IN CYPRUS BECOME A strategic objective for companies?

Image of executive coaching in Cyprus with two executives

What are the current trends in executive coaching in Cyprus?

Most of the larger companies in Cyprus hire executive coaches for their management and C-suite. Executive coaching works so well that companies also include lower-tiers of employees to undergo the process.

As organization in Cyprus see measurable results that come from executive coaching, their expectations as clients grow as well. With frequent global changes and employee rotation, they need powerful and practical coaching solutions and methodologies that improve relationships, create impact and transform culture.

What are the main benefits from executive coaching in Cyprus that busy executives notice?

Undoubtedly, one of the most frequent advantages I hear in my coaching conversations with leaders is a reduction of time they spend solving other people’s issues and problems and redirecting that focus and time on strategic issues. Another dominant answer relates to the inner game of the leader where they say that they address most pressing challenges and struggles and develop much deeper awareness before leaping to the answers.

In our coaching conversations, many busy executives focus on what keeps them up at night. Their thinking fluctuates around how to increase income, decrease spending, stand out in a highly competitive field and increase the value of their organization.

Why does every executive need a coach?

In my coaching conversations, executives often vent about business relationships they have, flaws of other people, limitations and barriers in their work and so on. After the sessions, they often mention that they found a blind spot in their perspective and behaviours that allows them better navigate matters. There is often a shift when they redirect attention inside and see variable perspectives. We then work on solutions and approaches to become more effective. It makes coaching efficient.

What sets executive coaching apart from consulting engagements?

Traditional consulting assignments are pricey. They lead to an invasive process, lengthy reports, analysis that not always prove to be a rapid way to get results for businesses. Therefore, executive coaching has an advantage. It is designed for high-performing people in the leadership roles who are successful but want to perform better.

What is the best way to describe executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a high-impact process for growth and development (click here for more information). I typically work with clients in regular meetings where my clients can gain clarity and focus, generate important insights and ultimately make decisions to improve performance.

My clients say that our sessions encourage them to make difficult decisions, stop destructive behaviors and patterns, lead and navigate change, step out of their comfort zone and impact performance.